I have thoroughly enjoyed photography since first being given a Yashica A reflex camera at age 13.  A photographer who lived next door was kind enough to spend many hours over several years teaching me about black and white film development, darkroom printing techniques, image composition, etc.  During the last semester at Swarthmore College, it was great fun to prepare and present my first photographic exhibition.

For the next three decades or so, the time available for photography was limited by the intense, yet also enjoyable, studies of Medicine and Biochemistry at Duke University, and by the ever-challenging and exciting practice of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology in the Seattle, WA area, primarily at Highline Medical Center.  In the practice of Anatomic Pathology and biopsy interpretation, the recognition of patterns in visual images plays a crucial role in making an accurate diagnosis.  Likewise, visual imagery and appreciation of patterns, colors and textures are key components in photography.

Since retirement from practice in 2001, I have been exploring the nuances and complexities of digital photography, and continue to experience the joy of capturing images of the world around us and of the beauty of Nature.  My additional interests in sailing and travel are providing many opportunities to find captivating subjects.

It has been said that "for a good picture, you need 20 years and 1/125 of a second".  I would view it as a gift to be able to take just one or two more good pictures.

Lee A. Sanders, M.D., Ph.D.         

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